Where did the Idea come from?   

I've always had difficulties with my phone in the gym, I could never find a good spot to put my phone to check my form, record a workout, take a picture or watch a video while I train. This is when I came up with idea of a gym magnet phone holder. It’s an easy, smart and effective way to record your workouts by attaching the phone holder to any gym equipment. 

Why a Gym Magnet Phone Holder? 

I see a lot of people struggling with the same issue, trying to record their workouts by placing their phone on the floor or placing it against something but the angles aren't great as I've tried every option myself. I like to be discreet and don't like to carry anything with me while I workout, So our Phone Holder is perfect, It's Small, Light and discreet. It allows me to attach to most equipment and record in various different angles and when I don't need it I put it in my pocket or leave it attached to the back of the phone.